International seminar on how to Use a Book as a Marketing Tool – UBMT Glasgow, UK, 2015

Amazing business event on how to Use a Book as a Marketing Tool (UBMT Glasgow, UK, 2015) to boost sales and profits

I have the honor to participate at the international marketing campaign for an amazing bootcamp on how to Use a Book as a Marketing Tool (UBMT Glasgow, UK, 2015) entitled PUBLISH A BOOK & GROW RICH!

The event will take place between 15th – 17th of May 2015.

The admission for this life-changing business event is free. There are limited seats available and will fill up fast. For more details and registration go to

During the seminar you will learn…

  • how to use a book as a marketing tool to generate credibility & massive media exposure so you can boost sales & profits quickly
  • how to write your book in under 40 hours, even if this seems incredible
  • how to get sponsors to cover the cost of your book and pre-sell copies before it even hits the shelves
  • how to get tons of publicity and differentiate from your competitors so you can INCREASE your consulting fees immediately and BOOST sales
  • how to generate PROFITS with Facebook marketing by doing the complete opposite of what your competitors are doing
  • an easy and very effective way to make sales by getting prospects chasing YOU.
  • how to finally get paid what you’re worth… without having to worry again about price being an issue.

You cannot afford to miss this event and all the free insights & strategies that have generated over $100 Million for Gerry Robert.

You CAN succeed. You CAN double or triple your profits, and you CAN be seen as the best in your field. But you need to LEARN HOW.

WARNING: This is NOT like anything else you’ve seen in your area before. This promises to be the most valuable, important and life changing business event that the city has seen.

Don’t miss this life-changing business event. You can reserve your seat in just a few seconds by simply clicking the button below right now.

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